PowerBlock Classic

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbells

Powerblock dumbbells could be the exercise equipment you’re looking if you want the adjustable dumbbell set. The different reviews from satisfied customers will tell you that the investment is worth your money. Using the 50 lb adjustable dumbbells, you are able to get to the body you want as well as tone your muscles like professionals do.

The Powerblock adjustable dumbbells can replace your whole rack of fixed dumbbells. Although they may be quite expensive at first, in the long run, they give you higher savings. The classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbells are equivalent to nine different dumbbells. The weight adjustment starts at 10 lbs with an increment of 5 pounds.

As you feel stronger, you can adjust your weight to fit your strength level. Since they are also color coded, you can easily recognize which weight is in your set.

The most famous of the 4 versions are the PowerBlock Classic dumbbells. They range in weight from 5 to 45 pounds and are ideal for both starter, as well as experienced weight lifters. They’re built well, they’re sturdy, and you can do a lot of workout routines using them.

The Powerblock are extremely compact as well as solid. They look like any regular dumbbells but their features are far more functional compared with others. Since they can shorten, you possibly can make them appear much more portable. In comparison with the Bowflex dumbbells that look very heavy, you are able to easily bring your Powerblock dumbbells outside the house. You can also store them under your bed or any place in your house. If you live in a small apartment, these equipments are the best options for you.

The cost of Powerblock Classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbells differ from one store to another. Even when you buy them from your local sports stores, you still need to review the prices to get the best value for your money. If you get them online, you have the convenience of shopping at your home. However, you need to take a look whether the shipping fee is included in the price quotes.

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