Looking For The Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills?

There are so many different pills that supposedly help you lose weight that it’s getting harder and harder to know which are the effective ones – but fear not, we’re here to try and help you find best over the counter
weight loss pills.

Simply because a product is over-the-counter does not make it risk-free; many of the products you find on store shelves are yet unproven, with some being outright dangerous. Here’s a short list of what the best over the counter weight loss pills contain and how they work:

1.Orlistat was created in the 90s as a prescription drug, but is now available in lower doses in over-the-counter pills. It prevents your body from digesting up to 25% of all the fat consumed – it works by attaching itself to part of the enzymes which are responsible for breaking down food and keeping them busy. This translates into 200 blocked calories a day, on average.

2.Sibutramine is the active component in several weight loss pills, and it works by tricking the brain into believing it ate enough sooner. By making you feel full and satisfied quicker, you are effectively going to eat less at each meal. This can mean as much as 10 pounds more weight loss than people who do not take these pills.

3.Metaformin and Exanatide are two of the components in diabetes drugs. They are also, however, prescribed to help diabetic patients lose weight. The former increases insulin sensitivity and lowers glucose levels, making you less hungry. The latter slows down the movement of food from the stomach to the intestine, thus making you feel full for a longer period of time.

While making up only a very small part of the existing aids that can help you lose weight, given their long life and proven reliability, these 3 could be considered the key ingredients in the best over the counter weight loss pills available.

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